Register A Microchip

By registering your pet today you are pro-actively helping both your pet and other animals in your local community who will receive a donation from your registration.

With over 50,000 veterinary and national shelters ready and waiting to help your pet in the event of an emergency, why not register your pet today for complete peace of mind?

Pet Microchip Registration

Pet registration will only take a few moments and once your registration is complete Pet Microchip Registration will ensure your details are kept safe and secure. In the event of an emergency and your pet is lost or stolen simply contact Pet Microchip Registration who will use their extensive database to help locate your pet.

How do I register my micro-chip?

After your micro-chip has been fitted by a vet, registering your pets’ micro-chip is easy. Simply register your pet’s information online and fill out a few quick questions about your pet to help other people identify them.

Once we have all the required information about your pet, your work is done and you can rest easy knowing you have complete peace of mind for your pet. In the event of an emergency, simply contact us and they will seek to find your lost or stolen pet using their extensive database.


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Pet Information

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